Photographs: Weeds

Find out what weeds you might have, and how to finally get rid of them!

(click on a picture of a weed to see it enlarged, and bring up information on how to control it)

Note: Some of these weeds may be plants you have in your garden. They are listed here as they are known to spread into bushland and damage it.
Remember: Many weeds look like natives. You may like to practice telling the difference on our Similar Plants page before removing anything.

Grasses and Sedges

Ehrharta Mullumbimby cooch
Ehrharta erecta Cyperus brevifolius


wild strawberry seaside daisy impatiens
Duchesnea indica Erigeron karvinskianus Impatiens walleriana


fishbone fern
Nephrolepis cordifolia


Turkey rhubarb Madeira (potato) vine honeysuckle
Acetosa sagittata Anredera cordifolia Lonicera japonica
asparagus fern Trad (wandering Jew) morning glory
Protoasparagus aethiopicus Tradescantia flumensis Ipomoea indica
balloon vine
Cardiospermum grandiflorum

Trees and Shrubs

Cotoneaster Lantana small leaf privet
Cotoneaster glaucophyllus Lantana camara Ligustrum sinense
large leaf privet Ochna wild olive
Ligustrum lucidum Ochna serrulata Olea europaea
Senna pendula
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