Photographs: Native Plants

Native plants commonly found in Sydney backyards.

(click on a picture of a plant to see it enlarged)


native scurvy weed native kidney weed native geranium
Commelina cyanea Dichondra repens Geranium homeanum
basket grass native violet pig face
Oplismenus aemulus Viola banksii Portulaca oleracea
Alternanthera blue flax lily willow herb
Alternanthera denticulate Dianella caerulea Epilobium billardieranum ssp. cinereum


bracken tender brake maidenhair fern
Pteridium esculentum Pteris tremula Adiantum aethiopicum
Chinese brake
Pteris vittata

Grasses and Sedges

Cyperus Microlaena right-angled grass
Cyperus gracilis Microlaena stipoides Entolasia marginata
Lomandra longifolia

Trees and Shrubs

black she-oak bleeding heart kangaroo apple
Allocasuarina littoralis Omalanthus populifolius Solanum aviculare
Pittosporum undulatum
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Native plants are not only good to look at, but they are also a valuable food source for native wildlife. As well as providing food, these plants are also used by wildlife to help keep warm in the winter months, bring up offspring and seek protection from predators.

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