Disclaimer, Noticeboard, Copyright & Privacy

"Know your garden's natives" project, website, and materials have been designed as a community education project. It has been developed with the goodwill of the community in mind.

The information provided is of a general nature and is an introduction to the potential of your backyard as a haven for native animals and as a means of extending the remaining remnants of native plants in the urban environment.

The benefits may include:

- satisfaction for the gardener in protecting and expanding a remnant of native vegetation

- preserving and enhancing habitat for our native birds, insects and animals

- providing an opportunity for the family to view and get to know more about what is native within your area.


We do not claim that you will find natives in your garden or that any of the plants and animals included on this website are local to your area.

All possible attempts have been made to make the content accurate. We would appreciate being notified of inaccurancies, however we cannot guarantee that errors have not been made within this website.

Before you either encourage or remove a particular plant it is advisable to check with a local expert (local councils, nurseries and the Botanic Gardens are good places to start). You can also email us photos and we will try to get an identification.

The information provided is a guideline only. Any actions taken after reading our information is at your own discretion.


All submissions will be considered however if the content is inappropriate for the website it will not be included. We also reserve the right to summarise or reword a submission without losing the value of the content.

When submitting photos please do not include people and especially not children. We will not accept any photos which show anyone we believe to be a minor. Also it is recommended that information or photos indicating the exact location of your home not be included in the submission.


Copyright for all concepts, materials and photographs will remain the property of Karina Hanemann (as agreed with IEWF) unless copyright is otherwise indicated. We do however encourage the use of the concepts, materials and photographs for school and community education. We ask that when any concepts, materials or photographs are to be used for other than your own household use, an email requesting permission be sent to us: info@knowyourgardensnatives.org. Appropriate acknowledgement is to be given when using our concepts, materials and photographs. Permission will not be granted for use of materials for commercial purposes.


Any information sent to us via email will be treated with discretion and only that information specifically supplied for our Noticeboard will be included on the Noticeboard. Email addresses and names may be kept by us so that we can communicate with the sender from time to time in order to monitor the progress of any projects. Email addresses will be used for no other purpose. We will not knowingly collect or store any information about minors or distribute private information relating to anyone communicating with us.

If you believe there have been any infringements of these terms or any legislative requirements please inform us immediately: info@knowyourgardensnatives.org.