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Notice # 1

Hi my name is Dianne and I live in Hunter's Hill. Actually there were no natives left on my block. During the war, or soon after, our council decided to raise some money by selling the top soil which they did very efficiently. This is why we have a maximum of four inches of soil above the clay. No plants survived the bulldozers.

I do have lots of lizards, frogs, spiders, and mosquitoes and lots of birds visiting - do they count?

Reply (KYGN). Hello Dianne - they sure do count! Your garden is obviously providing a great habitat with the mosquitoes being a great food source for the frogs. We would love to see some photos and hear about how you attracted such a variety of fauna!

Reply (Dianne). Basically, I have a messy overgrown garden - loads of leaf litter that the frogs and lizards like! I will take some photos and send them.

Notice #2

Alan (Eureeka): "After emptying my swimming pool for repairs I had an interesting wildlife experience".

Notice #3

Andy (Belfield): "Can you tell me what this plant is in my yard? It grows very well (I can't get rid of it actually). Thank you".

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