Education: Materials

Weed Control Methods

There are several 'control methods' that are used to eradicate weeds. The method you choose depends on the type of weed you have.

In our photographic section, weeds are classified as either: 'Small Hand-pullable Plants', 'Vines and Scramblers', 'Woody Weeds' or as 'Underground weeds'. Click on the corresponding plant types below to bring up information on how to get rid of them.

Control of Small Hand-Pullable Plants

Control of Vines and Scramblers

Control of Woody Weeds

Control of Underground Weeds

Thank you to: National Trust, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Australian Association of Bush Regenerators for use of their weed removal information sheets.

Education: Demonstration site

Our Demonstration Site is Hillman Orchard, an historic site in Sydney's Hunter's Hill (next to Vienna Cottage). Here many examples of common backyard natives can be found.

Visits to the site can be arranged to discuss the concept of the ‘Hidden Garden’ and to learn how to bring it to life.

Education: School/ group visits

Organise a visit to our demonstration site, or have us visit your school or group to discover and learn about your local 'hidden' native species.


* Presentation and plant finding activities at your school/ site.
* Get your school/ group involved in supporting local native plant or animal species through our ‘Support Our Species’ project.

Contact us.